Outsourcing Telecom

Call Center Outsourcing | Business Process Outsourcing – BPO

  • Inbound Call Traffic Studies
  • Outbound Call Traffic Studies
  • Advertising Budget Reduction
  • Disaster Recovery -Keeping Advertised Lines Open and Operational
  • Telephone Invoice Analysis Cost Reduction
  • Telecom Bill Payment (Telecom and phone bill processing)
  • Telecom Department Coding
  • Telecom Order Processing (24 hour help desk available for adds, moves, and changes)
  • Telecommunications Audit for Cost Recovery and Bill Reduction

With Auditel’s telecom Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) you can put our trained telecom analysts to work on any company or call center telecom project. Business Process Outsourcing to Auditel reduces your overhead and shows proven telecom cost controls.

Auditel’s telecommunication audits maximize your business resources, eliminate late fees and increase your profit levels. We provide you with telecom expense management and over 25% savings!

Proof of concept:

Pilot audit – With Auditel outsourcing consulting we can provide a pilot audit to analyze your telecommunications needs. Choose to outsource with Auditel and let us apply our years of telecommunications knowledge and produce cost savings to your telecom department. Your savings will be maintained month after month. If you decide to bring the telecom auditing process in house, our training will make it cost efficient and easy.

  • Auditel provides these telecom outsourcing options:
  • Telecommunications Outsourcing
  • Telecommunications Audit
  • Telecommunications Training
  • Telecommunications Disaster Recovery
  • We exceed the scope of work a company requests.
  • All audit files and our proprietary software are available upon completion of the project.
  • Choose to continue outsourcing telecom services to Auditel, or we will train your staff to conduct ongoing audits in house.
  • If your company doesn’t want to invest the time or expense in training employees then you need to consider telcom outsourcing.